I’ve been teaching English online myself for the last 10 years or so. For my lessons I always use creative content like video games, movies, songs, articles, maps you name it!

As a teacher, I know how important it is to take notes. I had always had this problem to have a consistent, easily accessible place to write things down. I needed to switch tabs and windows to go to google docs or to write it in a chat. Sounds familiar? These are not bed solutions, but believe me, you deserve better. A quick keyboard shortcut (alt+m) and a second later you just type your message for everybody to see.

The other thing is that with screen sharing the text is often too small for the student to read it or it gets blurry for some reasons. The small text is also easier to forget or ignore, as scientists claim. Make what you write clear and memorable.

These were my two main reasons to create this simple app. However, the idea of a quick pop-up window brought a lot of other ideas how to make life easier and your workflow more efficient. That’s why I’m working on the improved version of this app which will offer many more features (see below).

It takes time and money, so I hope you will consider a one time donation to help to make it happen.

My other project is donotblink.app. It helps with learning langauges.

Here are the ideas for the improved version of the app: