In short

It is a light desktop app (Windows and iOS), so it works with any screen sharing or recording tool. Skype, Twitch, Zoom, Meet, Teams, Discord, Camtasia, Facebook or YouTube lives… all of them!

A quick keyboard shortcut (alt+M or option+M) brings you a pop-up window in which you can start typing a full-screen message to anybody that looks at your screen. The app waits in the background until you call it.

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Download it here!

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This tool was created to solve some problems and improve your workflow.

Zoom has this feature? Not quite. See it for yourself.

online teaching

No more switching between tabs and widows to write something down. Just a quick keyboard shortcut.

Perfect for teaching languages when you correct a mistake or have to save a new word or phrase.

Just think how it could help you in your teaching experience.


Have you ever forgot to put something on a slide? Just write it down quickly.

Maybe you want to show an amount without saying it out loud? Negotiate with class.

Or do you just want to make sure that your message gets across when the connection is not perfect?

Use alt+V or option+V to show the text that you have copied in your clipboard. 


 Create recordings of your screen (e.g. tutorials) and add captions in the process, not in the time consuming post-production (or a notepad;). 

Explain and type text as you speak.

Don't take our word for it!

It's very intuitive. After you teach yourself to use the shortcut is like breathing. You just press it and type. Never leaving the keyboard. It saves a lot of time and frustration.
Online Teacher
It comes in handy. I share my screen all day long as tech support and project consultant and people are positively surprised whenever they see this big message for the first time.
IT Guy
Przemek contacted me to test his app and I started using it straight away. I create very technical tutorials. NO MORE adding captions in post-production! Can't wait for the drawing tool!
Take notes,

It’s all about the workflow. Use the app as the quickest note-taking tool. 

Think about it!

It’s the fastest way to write something down. Any great thought you have and want to save for later is just a keyboard shortcut away (alt+M or option+M). It will just take a few seconds to write it and save it with minimal disturbance to your workflow.

It can be a to-do list, an item to buy or a great thought that will change the world! 

But wait for this! 

You can also take notes when watching a TV show or an online course. The app doesn’t stop the video and you still see your video if you reduce the background transparency! It’s a different level of online learning without pausing!

Another cool shortcut: When you copy any text and use alt+V or option+V, it will show the copied text in the app automatically. Use it for the turbo quick note-taking.

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Get the Free Tool

You’ll just get an email with the download link.

Who am I and why it's free?

One of these guys is me. I teach online myself. I created this tool to help mostly… me. As the app seems to work just awesome, I want to share this tool with others. 


Do I want anything in return?

If you enjoy using my tool it will be a reward in itself! Really.

I’m also working on the Full Version of it. I need your opinions and feedback on how to make it more useful to you.

You can also donate some money.  I have a generous gift for all the generous people wanting to help me with my future projects. But first… Get and test the Free Message App! I hope it will be as useful for you as it is for me.

Embrace the power of keyboard shortcuts – like a Pro!

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