That's it, here you can download the tool for Free.

I’m happy you want to try my tool. Thank you!

"Is the download safe?", you should ask.

Always check files you download! Websites like VirusTotal or HybridAnalysis will scan the files for potential threats.

instructions below

Instructions on using the Free Tool

Download and install the app. 

If you have any warnings from your browsers or system, ignore them. The files you download are 100% safe.

The app will work in the background whenever you start your computer.

It doesn’t work on mobile! It’s only for desktop now.

Alt + M or Ctrl + ` to open the app and type. Option + M on Mac.

Alt + V to open the app and paste the last copied text.

Enter to save your text in History and close the window. Return on Mac.

Ctrl + Enter keeps the window open so you can type another message.

Shift + Enter starts a new line.

Alt + H to open the history in the app.

In the Full Version you will be able to set your keyboard shortcuts for everything!

That’s all for now, have fun!