bad news

The Full Version is not ready yet… but!

good news

The Full Version should be ready soon. Especially, with your support.

Is it worth waiting for the Full Version?

I believe, yes. There are plenty of ways to improve this tool and to add many features that will make your life even easier. Some of them are just small esthetical things to give you more control over the looks of it, but some features might totally change your workflow. Just have a look and imagine.

Drawing tool

Let’s start easy. You will get a simple drawing tool if drawing seems better than typing at the moment. It might be a great helper if you discuss projects and you can directly draw on a mock-up, pdf, chart and so on.


You will be able to keep your input forever in the app itself. With folders, you can organize it for different purposes, like classes, clients, to-do lists and so on. You will be able to export it to a file or keep it in the cloud.


You’ll have full control of how the app looks. Your colors, sizes, fonts, logos, sounds, animations. Make it feel like home. You will arrange a separate style for note taking and another for your audience.


There is more amazing features that I will keep secret for now. But prepare to be surprised!

'Can I help?', I hear you ask.

Sure, you can. Thanks for asking!
1. Try the Free Version and tell your friends, all of them.
2. Give us your feedback and help us improve it.
3. Maybe you want to donate to speed it up?

Your support will help me develop the Full Version a lot. Actually, without your help, it might never gonna happen… 

If you don’t feel like spending money on it now or ever, that’s ok. I hope you enjoy using it and share it with others.

And the Deal is still on: the first 1000 people who donate will get a bonus.

1 year free

2 years free

4 years free

forever free

Alternatively, you can also early invest in the app, each 1% of shares will cost you €1000. Only 10% shares available now.
Probably, you have already tried the app. If you see a potential in it you can join me to help build it. 1% of the shares might get some value in the future. Contact me to learn more,